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Reprint Permissions

Permission is required to reprint materials in both print and electronic media for all DevStart sites publications. No modification or reprint of our site content without our written permission is allowed.

General Rules

It is the practice of the DevStart to reserve the right to reprint or not-to reprint any of its publications or any part there of for any reason whatsoever. Articles and/or materials which appear in DevStart have additional value with its marketability. It is the purpose of this policy to establish procedures to be followed in granting permission to reprint or denying permission to reprint.

No written permission required if you want to copy the list(s) for noncommercial, educational purposes. Be sure that appropriate copyright information is included on any copies. Written permission is required if you plan to use the articles for commercial purposes.

Permission Request

Permission requests must include author name, article title and URL on which the material appears. The other mandatory information must include URL where the material is to be reproduced and by whom, as well as the name and contact information.

Please note that we do not generally grant permission to use our material on another Web site. But we encourage linking, provide attractive buttons, and notify you by e-mail about new features.

We only grant permission for those articles to which we hold the rights.

Link Only

No written permission is required to link to our Web site. When using DevStart articles on your Web site we encourage you to link to our Web page so that if viewers would like more information about related topics hey can go directly to our site. Permission is granted to freely link to this site or any pages within this site. Please note that some pages on this site are actually links to pages on other sites. In those cases, you may need to get permission from those webmasters.

Requesting reprint rights is easy! Just contact us. If you have any questions not addressed above, please e-mail:

[email protected]