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HostReview is the ideal place to reach potential web hosting customers. Since 1998, HostReview has been a popular and trusted source of information to both web hosting consumers and the web hosting industry. That's why so many business owners trust HostReview.

Idea Cafe: A Fun Approach to Serious Business. Small business owners work harder than anyone else, they seldom get any credit, so at Idea Cafe, we give them a perfectly legitimate excuse to take a well-deserved break. Here, you can solve your problems and have some fun too! And you get the chance to network with others who know exactly what you're going through.

PromotionWorld is the leading destination for the growing Search Engine Optimization industry. Combining powerful and proprietary technology with unique insights from the brightest minds in the business, PromotionWorld is the place where webmasters go to improve their placement in search engines.

DomainInformer is an all-inclusive resource for anyone interested in domain names. Recently redesigned, the proprietary tools at DomainInformer cover everything from sophisticated domain name suggestions to tracking of deleted/on-hold domains to an advanced "whois" tool.

SmallBusiness Informer is a brand new guide for all wishing to start a business, find funds, set up an office, market your products and manage your personnel. Small Business Informer is the perfect milieu for small business owners who would like to gain greater visibility online and become popular and prosperous. Always bringing the latest news plus all kinds of small business advice, Small Business Informer welcomes the ambitious and initiative.

The DevStart Network also contains a number of sites dedicated to specific aspects of web development. These resource sites include:

JavaScriptSearch is a site dedicated to a key technology that drives the contemporary collaborative, rich user interface, functional like never before web. Yes, it is a site about JavaScript and related topics - CSS, DHTML, AJAX. Daily updates with relevant news about the code behind the web, and exclusive articles and tutorials on designing and coding JavaScript applications, complete with a rich repository of scripts and resources.

CGIDir ranks among the leading web resources on CGI and related scripting languages. Definitely the place to visit if you need fresh news or tested advice about anything related to Common Gateway Interface. CGI hosts a great collection of scripts - both free and commercial, that you can peruse at your leisure.

WebKnowHow is the place web developers go to share knowledge and learn. An all-encompasing archive of articles and resources that cover practically every topic connected to creating and organizing web contect - from setting up databases and programming to design and multimedia . The site also provides a news service, which keeps you up to date with the most important developments in IT.

HTMLPrimer Back when the net was young it depended entirely on the Hyper Text Markup Language. Things have changed, and still HTML is the basic building block of the contemporary Internet. Visit HTML Primer to get the latest specifications and get your hands on guides and cheatsheets.

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