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Web Applications

You want to offer the best possible tools to your customers, but there are forces always working against you. Limited time, limited budget, and limited development resources make it difficult to keep ahead of your competition. That’s where DevStart can help.

DevStart offers 2 distinct sets of web applications that can easily integrate with your website and control panel to attract more new customers and retain existing customers longer. The DomainInformer Web Applications makes it easy for a user to find just the right domain name, whether the name is currently available, already registered, or may soon become available. The PromotionWorld Web Applications are powerful set of tools that make it easy for a user to improve Search Engine Optimization and carefully track results.

The advantages of using the Web Applications include:

  • Add new functionality without adding extra work
  • Save development time and money
  • Know that you’ve chosen the most affordable way to keep ahead of the competition

Sign up today to become a registered DevStart developer. Registered developers receive access to an evaluation package which includes documentation and codes samples. Once you have seen how easy it is to use, you will want to sign up for a license right away.