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Cedant Case Study

Vertical: Premium Web Hosting
Insight: Campaign Performance
  Showcase Effectiveness
  Dynamic, Rich Advertising

Quote: "HostReview has been a significant part of our past success and will be a primary advertising partner in the future."

Business Overview: Established in 1999, Cedant Web Hosting provides high quality web hosting solutions to over 20,000 clients in all 50 states and over 85 countries. It offers a full 30-day, money-back guarantee on all services to ensure customer confidence. Cedant is committed to providing customers with the highest level of service, performance, and commitment so that setting up and maintaining a quality web site is as painless and effective as possible. Located at the San Diego Technology Center, its state-of-the-art data center is engineered to provide the highest levels of connectivity, security and reliability for shared and dedicated hosting.

Challenge: The team at Cedant pride themselves in the quality of the service they provide. Outstanding reliability and customer service have helped them maintain a fiercely loyal customer base, but are difficult qualities to quantify in advertising campaigns. Facing increasing competition from discount hosting companies, Cedant was seeking advertising partners that could deliver a message tailored to an informed customer who was willing to pay a bit more for the highest level of service.

HostReview Solution: The sales and client services team at DevStart worked together to create a custom campaign that would address Cedant's unique challenges. The first step was to select the proper showcases and standard ad units that would most likely appeal to a web hosting reseller, one of Cedant's primary target audiences. Analysis of click-through rates and conversions led to the crafting of a larger advertising campaign that included larger, dynamic ads. The cornerstone of this new campaign was a week-long promotion of pricing through a homepage interstitial, or "Prestitial".

Results: "Advertising on HostReview has dramatically increased our customer base," says Jeff Coleman, Director of Marketing for Cedant. "We cannot afford to advertise everywhere, so we are looking for reasonably priced sites that deliver a good ROI. HostReview gives us a solid and consistent ROI for our investment. They send a considerable number of online sales to us each month. We've also noticed that a significant number of our new phone-based customer leads come from HostReview."

  • Increased total clicks by over 200%
  • Increased conversion rate by up to 250%
  • Quadrupled exposure and sales within 1 day
  • Tripled sales of Reseller packages with minimal increase in advertising expense
  • Improved Return-on-Investment by 100%